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4 Июля 2017

Виртуальный дата-центр с SSD от Caravan Aero

“With Virtuozzo’s integrated containers, virtual machines, and software-defined storage, we can now offer market-leading performance and legally binding SLAs for the services we provide. We’re proud to be the first cloud provider in the region leveraging this highly flexible approach of hyperconverged infrastructure.” — Andrey Listopad, COO, Caravan Aero


Caravan Aero chose Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged infrastructure software solution to enable new cloud services for its business customers—from leading online retail stores to SaaS providers. In addition to traditional cloud services, Caravan Aero now offers Virtual Datacenter solutions with guaranteed performance. By leveraging Virtuozzo-powered containers, virtual machines (VMs), and storage together as a hyperconverged platform, Caravan is able to deliver highly cost-effective, high performance infrastructure services with greater availability, security, and flexibility.

Caravan has been a longtime Virtuozzo customer and is an early adopter and innovator in deploying the complete Virtuozzo hyperconverged solution.

“Unlike competing products, Virtuozzo delivers a pure software solution that is highly flexible. It runs on any hardware and has the ability to run both container and VMs to optimize performance. The software leverages all storage resources in a single pool to significantly reduce costs — whether locating heavy DB on all-SSD storage or light ‘routers’ on a standard storage tier.” — Alexander Miroch, CTO, Caravan Aero.

Following the company’s own benchmarks of the Virtuozzo solution, Caravan achieved 30 times better performance compared to the previously available option. In addition to improved performance, Virtuozzo helps Caravan and its customers save money by eliminating the need for expensive hardware, costly maintenance, and storage overhead.


With a full suite of cloud services, excellent support, and affordable pricing, Caravan Aero has been a leader in the hosting industry for more than 20 years. Nevertheless, the company continues to look for opportunities to improve the value of its cloud services and the overall customer experience—especially at the enterprise level.

When Virtuozzo launched its hyperconverged platform—hypervisors, containers, and storage all in one solution—Caravan saw an opportunity to improve its offerings with the ability to deliver high performance and highly cost-efficient infrastructure services.


Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged infrastructure—a 100% software-based solution—gives Caravan Aero the flexibility to support any type of customer workload, while achieving new levels of system performance and cost saving benefits that help drive increased profits and added customer value.

Binding SLA

Caravan Aero is one of the first public service companies to offer binding SLA based on Virtuozzo. While all the services include SLA for the services uptime, Caravan Aero was the first provider in the region to offer performance SLA for its premium services to business customers. This innovative approach helped shorten sale, customer testing, and adoption cycles, and it ultimately helped Caravan become more successful.

“Virtuozzo enables us to leverage next generation hyperconverged infrastructure solutions with its unique software-based approach. As a longtime Virtuozzo customer, we are pleased that Caravan Aero can now evolve our enterprise offerings to include Virtuozzo’s comprehensive container, VM, and storage technology.”— Dmitry Kanaev, General Manager, Caravan Aero

Virtuozzo Benefits

Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged infrastructure software provides Caravan Aero the flexibility to choose the best technology for its business. Containers, VMs, and storage: Caravan and its end customers have access to it all.


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